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U-Core is based on a truth agreed upon by virtually every successful person, which is to model others that have achieved what you desire; better yet emulate the masters. U-Core offers classic teachings in the form of Mastermind sessions, as well as book studies taught by qualified instructors in their field. This speeds your path to your goals.



The foundation of the U-Economy program. This series develops your “inside game” and helps you discover the self you never realized was there. This self-awareness, along with learning to think like a millionaire, allows you to develop yourself first and then your business.


Your introduction to doing business on a global scale in the digital age.  Internet riches are everywhere, and U-Digital will guide you by the hand so you can navigate the digital world with confidence with the proven techniques from leading industry experts — simple and practical methods to success in any environment learn thrive in the fast-paced digital world.


Gives you the essential and best tools of the on-line marketing trade. You’ll learn the importance of personal branding, how to “mine for gold” using social media, and the most effective networking strategies to bring the serious business builders to your door.