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U-CORE a subscription based educational program

U-Masterclass is based on a truth agreed upon by virtually every successful person, which is to model others that have achieved what you desire; better yet emulate the masters. U-Core offers classic teachings in the form of Masterclass sessions, as well as book studies taught by qualified instructors in their field. This speeds your path to your goals.

U-Fit It’s often been said that without your health, any wealth you may obtain is pointless. U-Fit creates courses to cultivate physical vitality through healthy eating and exercise. With our mobile apps called Push Button Fitness, you can create custom workouts with hundreds of custom digital trainers and our Fitness Class app often called Netflix for Fitness, you get access to over 500 training videos.

U-Wealth It’s not what you make but what you keep is often said about money. Financial fitness is what is taught in U-Wealth. You can learn about various financial topics including bitcoin, retirement, credit cards and much more. Becoming well-rounded and financially responsible is a value added that lasts a lifetime.



$97 Monthly with Commissionable 12 levels deep. Level 1 – $50 per member which covers your cost when you get 2!

What’s in U-Core For You?

Enjoy a sample of the ‘Masterclass’ content below

U-Economy Vision 

King Arthur

The videos you’ve just seen are samples of what you’ll receive when you purchase this product.

U-Core The Onion Training – Core Basic On Starting Correctly

U-Core USMC Leadership Traits

… Also included